6 Easy Valentines Day crafts for all ages

Easy Valentines Day Crafts

With Valentines Day just around the corner we have 6 easy crafts for all ages. Using Pinterest, the perfect place to share love, we have found a few ideas for homemade crafts that look like fun to do. We have kept them nice and simple, but wherever paint or glue is involved with children there is no guarantee it won’t get messy. It’s all worth it though, as nothing says I love you, more than the dedication and effort put into homemade crafts!

We would love to see some of your creations, share them with us by sending a photo to info@mumontherock.com

Little Love Bugs

Suitable for babies. 

For those babies out there celebrating their first valentines day, why not cherish the moment by creating some artwork with their footprints.


Becoming a pro at the foot prints? Why not take it a step further and make a canvas print for your loved ones? This requires a bit more organisation and from experience might not work on the first attempt, but it’s a beautiful idea once you get it spot on!

See our Pinterest Board for lots more ideas for those tiny toes.

I Love You to Pieces Valentine’s Day Craft Activity

Suitable for toddlers and upwards. 

This craft idea is so simple. The instructions even include a printable which makes it even easier. To turn it into a special gift, pick up a lovely frame from either Marks & Spencer or The Store in the ICC and you will have a perfect, homemade gift that will look great in anyones house.


Heart stamps

Suitable for toddlers and small children.  

You will be spoilt for choice here. One of my favourite ideas in this collection is the heart shaped stamp made simply from an old toilet roll. Use it to make a card, or create a piece of artwork.


Framed Button Heart 

Suitable for older children. 

For older children this project is a wonderful way to express their own creativity along with making a beautiful picture for your loved ones which you can frame and give as a gift. Pop along to Princess Silks and see what buttons they have in store.


Valentines // Newspaper Heart Postcards

Suitable for toddlers and upwards. 

I have fallen in love with this pin and I can’t wait to try it. The best bit is you don’t need too many items to get started. Find an old newspaper and get out your paper and paints. What I like is that children can still express themselves without you having to provide too much direction. You cut the hearts out of the newspaper once it has dried. With a young boy in the house I can already see my green and brown hearts coming to life, but letting him do as he pleases every now and again makes arts and crafts a lot more fun in our household.


DIY Sharpie mugs 

Suitable for older children (although little hands could have a go too!)

This is a relatively cheap yet creative way to give a personalised Valentines Day gift. Design your own mugs with inspiration from this pin or simply create your own. To add a bit more fun, put a secret message at the bottom of the mug. Don’t forget to fill it up with lots of lovely chocolates. I like that the instructions for this are very simple, and honest!  The pin suggests that you use Oil based Sharpies to ensure the colours come out right and wash well.



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