Mum on the Rock is Gibraltar’s first parenting online magazine, written by you, for you.

We understand that as a parent, time is a precious commodity. Which is why we aim to put everything on one website that any local parent could need. We hope that, over time, this will become the ultimate parenting resource for anybody living on the rock.

We are hunting down the hottest deals, sharing the latest in kids fashion, reviewing child friendly establishments, hosting competitions, and letting you know about all the activities available for babies, toddlers, children, teens and parents alike.

Wondering what to do this weekend? To get a quick glimpse of what’s on, simply click on the calendar, or you can look under activities to find out about events that are held regularly. Whether you have just found out you’re pregnant, or a seasoned parent of teens, there should be something here for everyone.

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Our Team

  • Polly Lavarello

    Polly Lavarello

    Chief Editor

    Polly Lavarello, founder of Mum on the Rock, moved to Gibraltar in 2010. She began dabbling with blogging in 2012 to support her small business selling cookies and cakepops. After taking a short break to have her first child, she revived her blog in 2014 to document her new life as a parent. After rapidly rising up the Tots 100 charts as well as being approached by brands for collaborations, she decided it was time to turn her head to the local online parenting scene. In 2015 Polly set up Mum on the Rock Gibraltar’s parenting e-zine, an online community for parents on the Rock. Polly loves Twitter, Bruce Springsteen, family, baking and mojitos on the beach – not necessarily in that order.

  • Laura Wharfe

    Laura Wharfe


    Laura, originally from North London, has lived in Gibraltar for 6 years and is mum to a 3 year old and 15 month old.
    With a love for reading anything that is put in front of her, along with a slight obsession with social media, she has recently begun to write about her family life here on the rock as an expat.
    When not rushing around on the dreaded pre-school runs, or at the various playgroups and parks within Gibraltar, you will find her at home with the children, usually making a  huge mess with their attempts at baking or crafty projects (she blames Pinterest!).

  • Bethan Perera

    Bethan Perera


    Bethan is a mum of 2 and has lived in Gibraltar for 9 years. Bethan has always been passionate about childcare, in demand as a teenager to babysit, she was the go-to person, making a small fortune which was then depleted quickly at University (and not on books!). A love for technology and a keen interest in sports creates an unusual but unique combination of interests for Bethan.

    Since 2007 Bethan has worked at the Financial Services Commission. In 2015 she moved into her role as Strategy & Communications Manager. Since the birth of her son in 2012 she has been learning to juggle her career with parenthood. Her biggest aim is finding that healthy and enjoyable balance between the two.

    When she’s not working you can find Bethan at the gym, on the netball court or pursuing her passion for learning by taking on something new. Her latest venture includes blogging. Bethan uses alongcamebuddy.com to further her knowledge of the web and talk openly and positively about her parenting experiences. Bethan also loves to travel and enjoys soaking up different cultures and cuisines. According to her friends and family, you can also find her drinking (and cleaning out) their fine wine supply!

  • Brenda Cuby

    Brenda Cuby


    Brenda has been a blogger for many years now, running several blogs and helping many others discover their writing skills. Her most popular blog is her light green/eco blog The Green Familia which has a loyal following. Brenda also runs a training company in Gibraltar called P&B Training Ltd which encourages personal development in many areas including social media, financial services and customer service. She is looking forward to contributing posts on the topics which she feels passionate about.

  • Helen Wade

    Helen Wade


    Helen Wade is a highly experienced, Gibraltarian journalist and media consultant with 22 years’ experience of working for international broadcast media (BBC, Sky News, APTN.) Based in London she’s now a freelance news and feature writer, blogger and social media specialist. Helen also runs her own bi-lingual, media consultancy and training business. Outside work she’s Mum to two young children as well as a classically trained musician, singer and choral conductor.

  • Jackie Anderson

    Jackie Anderson

    Gran on the Rock & Talking Teens Contributor

    Published in newspapers and magazines in UK, writer and former owner of two childcare centres in Kent, Jackie Anderson writes blogs and articles on a variety of subjects, often drawing on her experiences as a businesswoman, childcare professional, mother of six and grandmother of two. Jackie also loves writing stories and poems, published a small collection of her poetry last year and is currently working on a collection of short stories. Having spent many years living and working in UK, Jackie returned to her native Gibraltar eight years ago,where she is busy raising two teenagers.

  • Joanna Montegriffo Bailey

    Joanna Montegriffo Bailey


    Joanna is a mother to two boys. Since being on maternity leave she has started dabbling in writing and blogging in the Huffington Post and in her own personal blog, yellowhairandsilverlinings.com. Outnumbered by boys at home, she gets to teach at the girls’ comprehensive school. She is a lover of eggy chips, winter ocean swims and new beginnings. Olive enthusiast.

  • Lindsay Weston

    Lindsay Weston


    Before becoming a ‘Mum on the Rock’ Lindsay Weston worked as a Broadcast Journalist in BBC Local Radio. She is married and has three children. She has lived in Gibraltar with her family for six years. Lindsay has a few voluntary jobs including being a founder member of Trinity Toddlers Craft & Play which meets at the Holy Trinity Anglican Cathedral. She has a love of crafts and chocolate.

  • Dr. Geraldine Brewster

    Dr. Geraldine Brewster

    Health Contributor

    I’m Geraldine. I’m a mum on the rock and a GP; two of the most enjoyable, challenging and rewarding jobs on the planet. I was born and raised in south west London. Having trained and worked in the UK I have recently moved to Gibraltar with my husband, two year old daughter and baby bump. My job as a doctor enables me to constantly learn and discover how we work, what can go wrong and how we can improve our health. It’s fascinating and so I’m delighted to share this health corner with you, a chance to dip into interesting health snippets, ways to improve ourselves, somewhere to find answers to those niggling questions.

  • Antonia Behan

    Antonia Behan

    Cert. Life Coach 2014

    My objective is to empower individuals to cultivate healthy minds and happy lives. For almost a decade, I have provided personal development coaching to adults and teenagers in the UK, Spain and Gibraltar. In 2013, I launched ‘Ascend’ my life skills for schools programme, with workshops at the Sotogrande International School and now a course at Gibraltar College. Building self-esteem, discovering purpose, and improving your relationship with yourself and others, is the core of my work, with a specialisation in stress and anxiety management and prevention. My approach is person-centred and solutions focused coaching, with a strong influence from cognitive behavioural therapy and the art of mindfulness.  Sessions are offered in Gibraltar, Sotogrande and Guadalmina, with regular talks and workshops.

  • Naomi Phoenix Faces

    Naomi Phoenix Faces

    Beauty Contributor

    Naomi Abudarham A.K.A and better known to most as ‘Naomi Phoenix Faces’ is the woman with the gifted and creative hand that has the ability to transform women from basic to magnificent with her experienced makeup skills and her genuine passion to uplift and give confidence to all those that she does makeup for. Naomi specialises in Bridal makeup and is often booked out during the busy wedding season beautifying brides on their special day. Also well known for her makeup classes that she runs, teaching women all that she knows and guiding them how to apply their own makeup on themselves too. With her artistic flair, Naomi also has a love for special effects makeup and is often creating gory and bloody scars and wounds that look incredibly real and lifelike. In her free time Naomi is busy being mum to her two young daughters who enlighten her creative spark even further.

  • Kate Gibson

    Kate Gibson

    Craft Contributor

    I am a full time ‘mum on the rock’ who has a love for all things creative! I have a degree in Creative Writing, specialising in writing for children and I then went on to train as a teacher in an infant school. I have a real love for sewing and dusted off my machine when my little man was cooking! I then felt inspired to start my own small business selling my wares which started off as cushions, wall hangings etc and has evolved into customised, sparkling and one of a kind shoes! I’m loving spending my time with my little boy and having the freedom to grow my business into something very exciting!

  • Fiona Tait

    Fiona Tait

    Recipe Contributor

    My love of cooking stems back from when I was a child, cooking with my mother in the kitchen. Once I became a mother myself I realised the importance of sharing these moments with my children. I then started baking my own cakes for my children’s birthdays and news travelled fast from birthday party to birthday party… so my first venture Strawberry Butterfly was born. However it was when I started investigating what ingredients I was using I realised the harmful effects they were having on my children. Not only are natural ingredients more delicious than processed ingredients but they are so much better for the family. I started inventing my own recipes and decided to share these on my food blogging site enjoyfoodwithme.com. I focus on healthy cooking for the family replacing any processed ingredients with healthy alternatives. My children now prefer healthy foods to processed and high sugar foods and yours can too. I hope you can join me on my culinary journey and have a fun time sharing this experience with your children. You too can cook for the heart and from the heart!

  • Nadia Ivanova

    Nadia Ivanova

    Baker Extraordinaire

    Originally from Bulgaria, a few years ago I relocated to Gibraltar for my work. I liked it here and decided to stay – so here I am today, a half-Bulgarian, half-llanita, but very much a citizen of the world.

    I share my life with Gareth, my significant other, and our two bunnies – Buttons and Pretzel. We are usually surrounded by family and friends, and we couldn’t love our life more.

    When I am not baking or working, you can find me at a scouts meeting – I am a scout leader in charge of Beavers, the youngest, most impressionable girl- and boy scouts of Gib – or hiking up the Rock.

  • Lorraine Van Kleef

    Lorraine Van Kleef

    Fitness Contributor

    Lorraine is dedicated to helping her clients achieve a better balance in their life, both from a physical, nutritional and mental perspective. Whether you want to lose fat, build some muscle, rehabilitate a medical condition or injury or simply wish to push your boundaries, her coaching methods and consistency in working alongside you will get you to your goals.

    Lorraine is a fully certified Advanced Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and the Founder of LVK Personal Training Practice and RIPPED Fitcamp in Gibraltar which runs morning outdoor group training sessions. She is also qualified in other areas of exercise including Exercise for Ante & Post Pregnancy.

    Lorraine is opening her new PT Practice at 27A City Mill Lane where she will have a team of PT’s working alongside her ready to provide her clients with prime quality service and support that they each deserve.


  • Jodie Crook

    Jodie Crook

    The Children's Nurse

    Jodie Crook is a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, Children’s Nurse and Mum of three. After working as a Sister and Advanced Paediatric Nurse Practitioner in a West London Hospital, Jodie and her family relocated to Gibraltar in the summer of  2011. Jodie has been a children’s nurse for thirteen years, she has been published in peer reviewed nursing and medical journals and continues to work full-time as a children’s nurse whilst writing her blog at www.thechildrensnurse.com. Jodie loves to spend time with her family, travelling to as many different places as possible and eating food she’s never tasted before.

  • Claudia Norris

    Claudia Norris

    Nutrition Contributor

    I’m a Nutritional Therapist & Eating Psychology Coach, and founder of www.happyinbody.com.

    I’m a Mum on the Rock myself so I understand the challenges in feeding a family and knowing what’s available to us in Gib. I love to delve into why we make the food choices we make for ourselves and our kids and the impact this has on our health. Over the coming months I’m hoping to offer you lots of practical advice – even small changes can make a big difference to how we feel.

    I’m based at the health store on 31 Cornwall Lane where I run weight loss groups (for mums!) and programmes to improve our relationship with food, as well as seeing clients for individual consultations.