ARK Day Gibraltar | When acts of random kindness come to Main Street

ARK Day Gibraltar | When acts of random kindness come to Main Street

Children in Gibraltar are being urged to carry out ‘acts of random kindness’ in a special event on Saturday 26th November. The Acts of Random Kindness group, or ARK for short, is a non-profit organisation which has been meeting regularly to make gifts to hand out to passers-by on Main Street.

Group founder, Fiona Young says the skills the young people learn will help them “grow into caring socially conscious adults”. The group meets weekly to make crafts which will eventually be gifted to strangers. Bookmarks, paper flowers, pictures, badges, and t-shirts are among the creations the group has been working on in preparation for the first Gibraltar ARK Day.

“These skills are important for children to develop positive social relationships and adopt a social consciousness about the needs of their local community and environment”, says Fiona. The group’s young members are each given an ARK diary where they are encouraged to keep a record of their own Acts of Random Kindness between sessions and note down how it made them feel as well as how the recipient of the kindness acted.

ARK Day Gibraltar | When acts of random kindness come to Main Street

From midday on Saturday 26th November, the ARK Gibraltar will take their acts of random kindness into the streets. Supported by adult carers, the children will distribute the gifts they have made to members of the public and ask them in return to pass on the act of kindness. It’s hoped that the ripple effect of positivity will spread far and wide.

The event will begin at the Piazza Cafe at 10am. This will give any children who have not attended the weekly sessions, but want to join in, a chance to make some gifts to take out onto the streets. It will run until 2pm. The children (who are to come with their parents or carers) will be supervised by adults through the process and will be encouraged to come up with their own ideas.

The ARK Gibraltar group meets weekly between 4 and 5pm every Monday at the Gladys Perez Centre on Main Street. For more information, please contact Fiona Young, Founder of The ARK Gibraltar on 54017849 or

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