Autumn Leaves Sensory Soup

autumn leaves sensory soup

I’m sure I’m not the only Mum who sometimes wracks her brain for ideas to entertain the littlees when all they want to do is watch ‘Bob the train’ or something equally as delightful. I do! Most afternoons! My little guy and I spend every morning toddler grouping or swinging and sliding, he then has a pretty decent nap ‘hurrah!’ and wakes up with an hour or two to kill before daddy gets home. Almost every day I battle with the guilt of not wanting to go out again but wanting to provide some sort of entertainment that drags him away from what he currently loves most.. TV.. argh!

This is why Pinterest is every mum’s saviour! I regularly search for ideas to keep us busy. You can pretty much just put that exact line in ‘Ideas to keep a toddler busy’ and it comes up with an array of ideas that some other lovely mummy has had the good sense to share with the pinteresting world. Thank you mummies!!

I’ve been wanting to try ‘sensory bins’ with H for a while now, having worked in a wonderful school that promotes creativity and child led learning, I’ve known about them for longer than I’ve been a pinterest addict! This ‘Fall Leaves Soup’ from ‘ANDNEXTCOMESL’, that I’ve so creatively renamed, looked like a quick one to whip up. Let’s face it there’s nothing more disheartening than spending ages setting up an activity for your toddler to race through in 2 minutes. I also wanted to make sure the ingredients for this ‘soup’ were things I could get hold of in Gibraltar too!

It probably took me about 5 minutes MAX to put together the soup and I’m pleased to report that H loved it! He spent ages picking out the leaves and putting them in the bowl and then, strangely, the fire engine (through the window?) He also happily splashed about covering us all in green sparkly water and used the measuring cups to scoop and pour. I didn’t even have to entice him over, usually he looks at me sceptically, but when he saw the soup he pretty much dove straight in. So basically, easy TICK quick TICK cheap TICK fun BIG TICK. Definitely worth a go mummies!


Food dye (green or orange) – Morrisons
Foam lollipop sticks (and scissors) – Pound Saver Irish Town
Glitter – Pound Saver Irish Town
Measuring cups – but you could use any kitchen utensils with a spoony bit
Plastic bowl/container


Foam leaves

1st and only step – I cut the leaves out of the relevant colour foam lollipop sticks and chucked it all in a tub! So simple!

autumn leaves sensory soup
Cute chubby hands will love getting stuck into this.
Fire engine optional!
Fire engine optional!

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