Review | Cuddle your Baby Dry with the Cuddledry Grey Stars Baby Towel*


New babies are precious gifts and just want to be cuddled and kept safe, so what better way to keep your newborn secure after their bath than with an apron towel.

Cuddledry are renowned for their award winning innovative apron towel design that enables parents to have both hands free when lifting their little ones out of the bath. Back in 2007 Cuddledry founders Helen Wooldridge and Polly Marsh turned down investment offers from the panel on the TV show Dragons’ Den, going on to prove their belief that they could market their product successfully on their own.

One of their latest designs comes in light grey and white with a star trim and is perfect for either boys or girls. The sample we received was quickly put to the test on one month old Esme who enjoyed her first proper bath and was then easily lifted into the soft, snuggly towel made from unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibre. As a Grandmother I was even more nervous about lifting Esme from the bath, but the Cuddledry apron made it so easy and I was able to enjoy the bath time experience rather than worrying about whether I was going to drop my slippery, wriggly precious granddaughter!

The other thing that both my daughter and I noticed was how absorbent the towel was and Esme was dry in no time. This is especially important as she suffers from dry skin and eczema so we need to apply moisturiser to her skin as soon after her bath as possible.

The towel works in the same way as any apron and has a wide piece of towelling that goes over your head that fastens with two poppers and, because it is made from the same material as the rest of the apron, it is really comfortable to wear. After placing Esme down on her changing mat, the towel was easy to undo and we then covered her over with the other half to keep her warm.

This is the second Cuddledry towel that I have sampled, the first on Harrison who is now four and whose new baby brother is being snuggled dry after his baths in the towel that is still as new. Check out the fun animal designs for toddlers, just the thing for Christmas presents!

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As featured on ITV's Lorraine - Cuddledry's Cuddledeer towel on their Gifts For All The Family feature.
As featured on ITV’s Lorraine – Cuddledry’s Cuddledeer towel on their Gifts For All The Family feature.

Psst! Cuddledry are doing a one week half price Christmas promotion! The Cuddledeer towel is reduced from £34.99 to £17.50 for one week only.

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