Get on your bike!

get on your bike

Forget the gym if you want to get fit! I truly believe that of all the millions of people around the world who sign up to a gym to ‘get fit’ (and I’m including myself here), maybe 0.01% of us stick with it long enough to achieve any significant or sustainable improvement in our fitness levels. 

Unless you truly enjoy being at the gym, my advice would be to cancel that monthly subscription and go in search of fitness by doing something that you actually enjoy. Improving your fitness takes hard work, a lot of time, and some more hard work. Getting fit is a lifestyle choice – ‘life-style’ – the clue is right there, it’s something that we should be working toward throughout our life – sustainability. By contrast, the average gym membership in the UK doesn’t last beyond 14 months…

Exercise is only sustainable if you’re enjoying it. Stomach crunches and burpee sessions three times a week down your local gym? Sure, that will benefit you to some degree. I’ve tried it. It was boring and excruciating. I salute anyone who can sustain that for the months and the years.

The most effective path to getting fit is movement. Movement will get your heart beating and the fat burning – also known as cardiovascular activity. And movement should be fun. Find the fun. Try playing football, squash, netball, go running or swimming. Or you could try cycling.

Cycling is exceptionally good at making people fit. For every minute you’re pedalling around on your bicycle, you’re burning fat, destroying calories, and strengthening your heart. Guaranteed.


The Gibraltar Cycling Club has members of all ages and abilities, kids to pensioners, novices to elites. The Club welcomes everyone. Some of our members ride virtually everyday, and others await the freedom so preciously afforded by weekends to grab a ride. There’s a weekly Sunday ‘breakfast’ ride to Castellar, held at a breathable pace, followed by a micro-festival of coffee and toast during the mid-ride rest.

Gibraltar is fortunately situated for cyclists. We live on the doorstep of some of the world’s best cycling terrain. Andalucía’s terrain and countryside shower reward on cyclists who seek out her attributes, from leg-chiselling mountain climbs in the Sierras to the rolling flats of her coastline.

Our Club is always looking to share its love of the sport with new members. Our next Beginners’ Ride will be held on Sunday 13th September, which is also the Club’s National Day celebratory ride. 40 km at a sociable pace. Its more achievable than you think. We don’t leave anyone behind. We’ll be leaving Gibraltar at 0900hrs (meet at the frontier), heading to Castellar and we’ll lap the Rock on our return. Come and give it a try.

Try forgetting the buy-into fad diets, forget the online detox programs, and forget the gym. Get on your bike. Outside is free.

Bern Valarino

GCC Secretary 


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