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The weeks and months after the birth of a baby can be hard. After all the fuss has died down and reality hits, many mothers can find it hard to cope with the mundane routines and sleepless nights. It’s a time when your hormones are struggling to get back into balance, and well meaning friends and relatives can be offering all sorts of unwanted advice and suggestions.

Sometimes the reality of being a mother can be somewhat different to the image you fostered in your head for all those months and years before the big day. The wonderful imagined world of chubby cheeks and teddy bears, although true to some degree is actually only a tiny fraction of what day to day life has become. Dirty nappies, explosive poos and spit up down your only clean top become a regular feature of the daily grind with a young child.

No wonder then, that for some mums, (many of whom have never experienced any type of depression before) postnatal depression can become a reality. For many women, just the act of being able to talk about their experiences is enough to help them come through their difficulties.For that reason, the Baby STEPPS charity is setting up a new group to help mums who are suffering.

Run by psychotherapist, Elaine Caetano, the small group of up to 9 women will have the chance to discuss their problems and learn new tools to help them cope with their own personal situation. She says that “there are positive effects from being able to talk about their situation, women feel better, less anxious and more ok with themselves”.

Elaine has previously run two successful postnatal support groups for Baby STEPPS and this one will follow a similar format. “Speaking in a group can help develop confidence and self esteem”, says Elaine. Women are also helped to work through any traumas they may have experienced, from losing a baby and coping with the grief that brings to coming to terms with a traumatic birth.

For more information on the group, you can contact the Baby STEPPS charity through their Facebook page or contact Elaine Caetano directly and confidentially on 54001238 or send her a message through Facebook.

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