Spooky Ghost Pumpkin Cakes

Spooky Ghost Pumpkin Cakes

Halloween as an adult doesn’t terrify me but it’s quite high up there, close to clowns, snakes and lizards. I am not one to like dress-up, I have more of a savoury tooth (unusual for a baker, I know) and I don’t like pranks very much. I think I have only ever enjoyed it once, when I took 15 minutes to turn an apron and a chef hat into a zombie chef outfit, mixed some flour with red food colouring and offered the neighbourhood kids mashed brains instead of candy.

But for kids, Halloween is a truly magical time. They get to dress as their favourite characters, stay out late and get to eat as many sweets as they possibly can while mum isn’t watching! So why not make it that bit extra special with these…

Mini cake ghosts

What you will need:
Cake- I used this recipe as nothing screams Halloween more than pumpkin. 4 cupcakes produce approx. 8 ghosts
About 2 tbsp of frosting (recipe above) per 8 ghosts
White fondant (about 150g for 8 ghosts)
Black food coloring

How to:
Crush cake or cupcakes until it forms fine crumbs. Add a few tablespoons of frosting to turn cake crumbs into what resembles play-do.

Spooky Ghost Pumpkin Cakes

Form small balls of the mixture and pop them in the fridge to set for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you don’t add too much frosting and the mixture is not too soft as it will take a lot longer to set and may break.

Spooky Ghost Pumpkin Cakes

While the balls are chilling in the fridge, prepare the decorations. Roll out fondant to about 2mm in thickness (use some cornstarch or icing sugar if you like, this will help to avoid it sticking to the surface and/or rolling pin) and cut circles out of it (make sure they’re big enough to cover the entire cake ball).

Spooky Ghost Pumpkin Cakes

Gently pull corners to create light ruffles. 

Once cake balls are set, cover them with the fondant to look like ghosts and using a thin brush and some black food colouring, paint eyes and mouths on them. Enjoy!

Spooky Ghost Pumpkin CakesEditor’s note: This article was originally published on October 24th 2015.

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