Top 8 Christmas Crafts on Pinterest

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterestIf you are looking for a way to be creative with the children and at the same time have lots of fun this Christmas, see my top 8 Christmas Crafts on Pinterest.  

Pinterest has always appealed to me. It is the perfect place for inspiring creativity from cooking to crafting, photography to fashion. A visual bookmarking tool, it is a resource for discovering some great ideas. Throughout the years I have used Pinterest to arrange bedrooms and hallways, but since having children I have found it the perfect place to inspire and entertain my babies.

In the lead up to Christmas it is always fun to spend time together making christmas crafts, if of course you are that way inclined! Why not have a glass of wine, turn up the christmas music, wear your christmas jumper and really get into the festive spirit.

Armed with some simple basics you can do any of the crafts below! You don’t need to order in any special christmas products.

See my arts & crafts box full of things from around Gibraltar to get your started.

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

If you don’t fancy all the preparation and prefer to get stuck straight in, why not pop along to the ELC and pick up one of their craft kits.

ELC Christmas Kits

1. Cute mini Christmas Trees

Perfect for decorating the house!

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

2.  Stick Snowmen 

Make some cute snowmen, add a magnet and you’ve just made a gift for a (maybe not so lucky…) family member! For those grandparents, aunties or uncles that live far away it’s a great little gift to post.

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

3.  Christmas Baubles 

How about hanging these on the tree? Unless of course you have obsessive christmas disorder, in which case, these might not make the cut!

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

4. Homemade Wrapping paper

This is a great way to personalise your wrapping paper and make it stand out under the tree.

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

5. Wreath

Easy, quick and pretty mess free this would make a lovely wreath for the childrens bedroom door.

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

6. Melted snowman  

For those toddler that like to do their own thing, this is the perfect way to make their art work look a little christmassy.

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

7. Handprint Candy Cane  

For younger children this is a good way to make something christmassy with them. They only need to do the handprints and you can help out with the rest.

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

8. Paper Plate Christmas Tree 

A great way to keep those little hands busy, and they will have great fun sticking on all the fluffy balls.

top 8 christmas crafts on pinterest

Be warned, I have learnt that a toddler won’t always make the creation as instructed! So don’t worry too much if it all goes a bit pear-shaped, the most important thing is they are having fun. If it all goes wrong why not pop over and see the most hilarious Pinterest fails ever for a giggle here and here. If it’s worthy of a picture, we would love to see!


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